viernes, 7 de mayo de 2010

A present for my students: I'VE GOT A FEELING

Dear children,
I've got this present for you all. As I know how much you love this song, I looked for it on the internet and here's the result.
I'm sure you will sing it with me in the English class.

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Angélica Gil dijo...

The song is very cool and the dance they invented you too. Daniela Thanks for helping!

Que pena que sexto casi no se meta en tu blog... porque está muy bien. (esto no lo traducí al inglés porque no sabía como se escribe)

Otro besito

victor vázquez novés 6º dijo...

Hi Daniela.

Your English classes have been fun.

We have already started school and pointed at me and bilingual.

Thanks for putting up with us all year, lol.

Well thanks.


Daniela Andrea dijo...

Wowww!! What a nice surprise!!! Thanks to you for being a good student :P and thank you so much for this message :p

Good luck!!
I hope to read you again, ok?;_)

Daniela Ayala M.