lunes, 11 de enero de 2010

Homework: 5º curso--> Healthy Eating

Hello children!!! how are you?
This time I want you to make some sentences.
Look at the example and do the same.

Eg: I like tomatoes, but I don't like bananas. I love onions but I hate bread.

I'll be waiting for your comments and messages!!
See you!!!
Daniela Ayala M.

6 comentarios:

alba rubio dijo...

Hello teacher Daniela,
my sentece is:
I like eggs but i'dont pineaple.
I love ice-cream but hate broccoli.

natalia dijo...

I like potatoes,but i dont like peas, i love paella but i hate carrots.

carla y diana dijo...

i like peas but i dont like rice .
i love potatoes but i hate plums .

name carla and diana

tania y daniel dijo...

I like patatoes but I don´t like lentis I love carrots but I hate peas .

natalia dijo...

hello teacher!
your blog it^excelent

Alba dijo...

Hello teacher Daniela,

This is my sentence:

I like eggs, but, don´t like potatoes.
I love chocalate ,but, hate brocoli.

Ya casi no me acordaba de estas oraciones...