domingo, 19 de octubre de 2008

Halloween activities and worksheets for 2nd grade students

Hi there!
This is the didactic Unit I'm going to introduce my students to celebrate halloween.
31st is coming and although we don't have class this day, we're going to work on this during the days before.

Now, let's see some worksheets prepeared for that Unit.

1.- GAME: Who took the candy?

2.- Candy bag: How many candies can you see? First guess and then count.

3.- Colours: Let's colour the ghosts

4.- Introduce Halloween Characters : Ghost, witch,black cat, Jack-o-lantern, monster.

5.- Time for a song : Five little pumpkings

6.-Knock Knock, Trick or Treat...Who are you?...

Song, game, and worksheets ready to show them the different characters that can appear at this Halloween night.


Time for a song: Knock,Knock, trick or treat, who are you?

Worksheet to play and immitate the song :

Minicards set:

Knock Knock Dice game:

7.- Let's put on our costumes:

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Arturo Ortega Olive dijo...

Gracias por las recomendaciones y por compartir, es una excelente idea para llevar a cabo el próximo Halloween. Saludos