martes, 15 de diciembre de 2009

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Hello everyone!!How are you doing? I've asked my students about the meaning of CHRISTMAS EVE AND CHRISTMAS DAY and their respective differences.

They all found information about that and drew some pictures.
This was drawn by Angélica (6º) and Álex (6º)

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Angélica Gil dijo...

What good has gone out! Because it is not possible to see other drawings?

Angélica Gil dijo...

Daniela, your web page is very lovely, I have it in favorites, and have shared it in facebook, you have still had it very well and I hope that you put more lovely things.
To, if!! It looks at this video, is very graceful:

Angélica Gil / 6º

Daniela dijo...

Hi Angélica! Thank you very much for answering ;)
Well, there're some documents that have been copied from internet. Those ones had copyright so...they couldn't be publised here.

On the other hand, there weren't drawings, they were text :)

Resulta que hay documentos en word, pdf, que sea a modo de texto, que si está copiado de wikipedia a modo word, o de donde sea de internet.El sistema reconoce esos textos y se da cuenta que son copias de algo ya registrado,¿comprendes? y eso no puede publicarse muchas veces.
Por eso os dije con el asunto de la Navidad, que valía el COPY PASTE :) Pero no se me hizo mucho caso ;-).

Un besote.

Daniela dijo...

Angelica, this video is gorgeous!!!
I had a hamster when I was a child, and its name was RICKY RU, I loved him :)and I'm still loving him whenever he is :)

Animals are part of us, although they're our mascots or not :)
Thank you for sharing Angélica.

Lo voy a insertar en un mensaje para que lo vean todos, ¿vale?
Have a nice weekend!!
Daniela Ayala.